How to make CBD vape juice ?

Why Should I Vape CBD?

People often choose vaping over oral and topical methods, because of its almost instant effect. Vaping, compared to eating CBD, can be up to  60% more effective. The reason vaping CBD works so faster is because it goes straight into your bloodstream. When inhaled, the CBD vape absorbs straight to your bloodstream. Unlike CBD edibles might take up to 40 min to feel effect.

Making Your Own DIY CBD Vape juice/E-Liquid

Making your own CBD vape juice allows you easily create any concentration fits your needs.

First decide how strong you want your CBD E-Liquid to be.

You can start with lower dose and increase it in the future.

I recommend to start with 3% but don’t worry in this article I will show you how to make other strength too.


CBD Dosage Calculation

1 ml of 75% cbd extract contains 750mg of CBD plus 250mg of other cannabiniods and terpenes.

To make:

  • 3% cbd vape use 400 mg or 0.4ml  of extract in 10ml (300mg CBD Per bottle or 30mg/ml)
  • 5% cbd vape use  700 mg or 0.7ml of extract in 10ml (500mg CBD Per bottle 50mg/ml)
  • 7.5% cbd vape use 1000 mg or 1ml of extract in 10ml (750mg CBD Per bottle or 75mg/ml)

There is no need for balance as each cbd syringe has marked milliliter signs.  

Use this formula to find out how much cbd extract to add for any tailored concentration:

Prefered strength in ml/ml  / 750 mg CBD x prefered end volume


25mg/ml /750 mg x 20ml = 0.7ml

To make 25mg/ml strong cbd e-juice you must use 0.7 ml of Ancient Chemistry CBD extract.

Directions to make 50mg/ml strong CBD vape in 50/50 PG/VG

  1. Place 5 ml of PG in bottle with dropper lid.
  2. Add 0.7 ml of hemp extract from syringe, close the lid of the bottle.
  3. Place the bottle in the cup of warm water for few minutes.
  4. Shake it untill extract is dissolved in PG.
  5. Add 5 ml of VG, and shake it again.
  6. Add drop of flavouring of your choice.

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