Can I buy CBD oil legally in Latvia?


A lot of misconception has over the years been a significant concern on the use of products made from CBD, such as the legal constraint on Cannabidiol in several countries of the world today. It is safe to start by letting you know the basics of CBD and the numerous benefits that can be gotten from the right usage of these ancient plants.

Firstly it is wise to remember that CBD has a broad range of medicinal purposes and can be extracted to produce commercial products like CBD oil.

It is essential to know that CBD oil is legal in a lot of countries today provided it contains a very low level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the substance in cannabis plants that causes the adverse effect of intoxication or the feeling of getting high.

The level of THC extract approved by law in the EU is 0.2%, and thus, at this level, CBD oil within the administered level of THC 0.2% level has no mind-altering effect.


The answer is yes; you can now buy CBD oil in Latvia and have them shipped to your doorstep whenever you make an order with us at Ancient Chemistry.

Over the course of our business operations at Ancient Chemistry, we have had a lot of questions raised concerning the legality of CBD oil in various countries of the world, in this article we want to answer the question: is CBD oil legal in Latvia?

The simple answer is yes because CBD is not prohibited based on the fact that it is regulated by European law to have a minimum level of 0.2%, provided it is harvested from industrial hemp plants in the production of CBD oil, in other words, the Latvian law makes it very safe for CBD oil to be sold in Latvia, this is more reasons why we at ancient chemistry have the legal rights off shipping our CBD oil to our buyers in Latvia and other countries where it is accepted.

Our products are thoroughly tested, and they meet the required level regulated by the EU, and we are licensed to sell our products to our buyers in Latvia and other countries. So, this is to let you know that CBD oil is legal and it is sold in Latvia by our company Ancient Chemistry.


Search no more; all you need to do is visit our website and make an order. We at Ancient Chemistry bring to our buyers the best blend of health and wellness in our CBD oil, we deliver nothing but the best product, our CBD oil is sold in Latvia, and You can now buy our CBD oil if you live in Latvia, our products have numerous medicinal benefits that could help with certain health conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, pain, depression, insomnia, and several disorders that come with aging and stress.

Our CBD oil is unique it has several benefits such as calming your nerves without any side effect of psychoactive tendency, our products do not alter your mental state, try our CBD oil today and enjoy the nourishing goodness of nature. You can buy any of our CBD oil from any country.

Considering the question, can I buy CBD oil in Latvia? The answer remains yes because today private courier companies’ such as DHL, UPS, FedEx can ship CBD oil to customers across the world provided the federal law is obeyed in the country it is shipped into.


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