Cannabis & CBD Laws and History in Latvia

cbd law in latvia

Legal Status

Cannabis is illegal for medical and recreational purposes in Latvia, but the cultivation of industrial hemp is permitted. Citizens may pay a fine of up to 280 Euros if found in possession of a maximum of one gram. Ownership of higher amounts could be punished with a prison term of up to 15 years.

Is CBD legal in Latvia?

Sure, since CBD is not explicitly prohibited. CBD is permitted. Over the years there have been many misconceptions about the use of CBD products like the legal restriction of cannabidiol in several countries of the world.

CBD oil is legal in many EU countries, including Latvia, if it contains very low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a substance in cannabis plants that causes the effect of intoxication or high.

The THC amount permitted by law in the EU is 0.2 percent and therefore CBD oil at this level has no mental effect within the administered level of 0.2% THC.

Unfortunately, Latvian law does not permit to extract any kind of cannabinoids from hemp, hopefully, this law will change soon as there are many potentials for hemp growth in Latvia. This initiative would make younger Latvians see an opportunity to do farming. 

Latvia is an ideal place to grow industrial hemp and would potentially benefit also from growing it for cannabinoids not only for seeds. 

According to Cabinet of Ministers in Latvia, a person can purchase Cannababidiol oil up to one kilo if it’s not for commercial use. 




The use of cannabis was not banned or common during the Latvian period of independence. There were also no prohibitions on other substances, including cocaine and morphine. The sales of these drugs were, however, restricted to drugstores. 

Latvia participated in the 6 February 1922 International Opium Convention on Restrictions on the Trade in Opium and Cocaine Products. On 19 February 1925, the Convention adopted a prohibition on cannabis extracts and tinctures but not of herbal cannabis. On 25 September 1928, this edition of the Convention came into force.

On 26 June 1936, the Convention for the suppression of Illicit Drugs created the first international treaty to criminalize the production and distribution of opium, coca, and cannabis products for non-medical and non-scientific purposes. Only a few countries have signed; Latvia and Lithuania have not signed.


The law on fighting drug addiction outlawed cannabis in the USSR in 1974. Following the USSR collapse, there were very few people who used cannabis (less than 2%). The popularity of marijuana increased quickly in the 1990s and reached the Western level. Not just trafficking in and out, but ownership has been criminalized since independence. The United Nations Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 30 March 1961 was signed by Latvia on 11 May 1993.

Law Enforcement

The distribution of marijuana is also contrary to law. Marijuana or cannabis is listed among highly dangerous drugs and psychotropic substances in the Ministry of Welfare. The use or storage of marijuana up to 1 gram may attract an administrative penalty of € 280 or a warning. Further, a written warning may be issued if the offense will be repeated in a span of one year.

In some cases, individuals with no prior convictions receive milder sentences. Nevertheless, there is a mandatory sentence of up to years for the storage and distribution of larger quantities of cannabis. In a nutshell, it is just an administrative offense if you are caught with an amount of less than 1 gram and can get away with a fine. Medical marijuana is not used in Latvia since it is listed in the I-list Narcotics.

Decriminalization initiative

In 2012 the ManaBalss public campaign network gathered signatures for the "decriminalization of marijuana" The goal is to abolish the criminal penalties for production, possession of small amounts of cannabis by individuals over 18, and holding 20-30 grams of cannabis at home and carrying it more openly.

On 24 March 2015 the petition on cannabis decriminalization obtained 10,005 signatures from the people, enabling the proposal to be sent to the Latvian National Parliament. On 18 May, the new leader Donats Blaževičs proposal published one hundred arguments on the marijuana decriminalization initiative in favor of the website claim. Latvian Parliament turned down the proposal on September 3.


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