CBD 5 most frequent questions

This is very much a blog post by popular demand!

Every day, we get tons of questions from our community who are curious enough to think about trying CBD for the very first time.

To save you the bother of emailing, we decided to collate the 5 most frequent questions and put the answers to them all in one place! :-)

Is CBD the same as cannabis?

The cannabis plant is a more complex organism than most people realize.

It has a reputation as a psychoactive drug due to its compound, THC, being very popular with recreational users.

However, there are over 120 different compounds in a cannabis plant and each of these has their own unique benefits to humans and animals.

CBD is just one of those 120+ compounds and is currently receiving a lot of media attention due to its adoption by both the medical and health & wellness industry.

Will CBD make me feel high?

This is possibly the most frequent question we are asked by CBD noobies.

Unlike the infamous THC, CBD does not interact with the CB1 receptor in the human brain.

As a result, it has no addictive properties, it doesn’t trigger the munchies AND it will certainly not make you feel high!

Are there any health benefits of using CBD?

There is a growing body of research from respected scholars that suggests that CBD encourages homeostasis within the human body.

Homeostasis refers to systems the human body implements to restore ‘balance’.

Two examples of homeostasis include inducing using sweat to cool our bodies down if our temperature gets too high and removing toxins and waste through our digestive system.

CBD has been shown to bind to a receptor called TRPV-1. This receptor plays a key role in maintaining homeostasis in our body and it helps to regulate our mood, pain and inflammation.

Two of the most popular medical applications for CBD include Anxiety and Epileptic Seizures.

If considering using CBD for a medical application, you should always consult your GP first.

What is the difference between the full spectrum and isolate cbd oil?

Typically when choosing a CBD Oil you’ll have to choose between a ‘Full Spectrum’ and an ‘Isolate’.

Full Spectrum refers to CBD Oil that has been distilled from the entire hemp plant whilst isolates refers to pure isolated cannabidiol with all the plant material removed.

When you select a full spectrum CBD oil, you will not only benefit from CBD, you’ll also benefit from dozens of potentially beneficial cannabinods, as well as cannabis terpenes and flavonoids; just the way mother nature intended :-)

Is using CBD Oil Safe?

CBD is almost certainly safe and has been approved by regulatory bodies across the world (including the UK and the US) for consumption by humans.

It is worth noting that because widespread adoption is so new, there is currently ongoing research into long term effects.

However, current evidence has shown multiple times that CBD is perfectly safe for humans of all ages.

Will using Full Spectrum CBD Oil cause me to fail a drug test?

It would be almost impossible to fail a drug test using our full spectrum CBD Oil.

This is because a cannabis drug test will be looking for THC, not CBD.

All products by Ancient Chemistry are guaranteed to have less than the legal limit of 0.2% THC.

To have a chance at failing a standard cannabis drug test you would have to consume more than 1000ml in a day. To put this in perspective, our strongest bottle of CBD Oil contains 1000mg of CBD and this lasts a heavy user at least a couple of weeks!

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