Many will agree that the common way of consuming cannabis is either by smoking it, eating it, or enjoy the pleasure of vaping.

As interesting as the plant “cannabis” is, so are its methods of consumption. There is an amazing method only a few have a practice, which has revealed great results, and today millions of people are adopting this method. It is the Pechoti intake method. Yes, it is an Indian name so that’s why it sounds a bit complicated to get the right pronunciation.


This is a method where you apply CBD oil to the belly button (a trademark left on us by the umbilical cord after birth) which also means you can also apply your CBD oil around your belly button to gain the potential benefits you won’t earn from taking it elsewhere. 

The benefits we derive when we absorb CBD through the belly button is amazing; It helps women to calm the unbearable menstrual cramps like magic, no need consuming so many pain killers, or trying a new diet plan in order to avoid the pain, rubbing CBD oil around your belly button can make a huge difference for this month cycle.

Are you a frequent client of several cosmetic brands trying to give your face that adorable glow? There is a better way to get this done and it is through the Pechoti method of applying the CBD oil directly to your novel and watch how your face will glow as a result.

One shouldn’t be surprised with the astonishing revelation of the belly button, this is because the belly button has over 72000 veins.

Applying CBD oil to the belly button will allow the Pechoti gland to absorb the cannabinoids, and further transport it to the right channel where it is needed. This method has cured so many ailments both physically and mentally.

Absorbing CBD through belly button by Pechoti method helps to improve eyesight, and aide in relieving joint pains, lethargy and lots of illnesses. 

Another benefit is its zero side effect, there is no side effect in putting CBD oil in the navel, so you could make it your habit every night to apply the CBD oil without fear of acquiring any complication.

So when next you experience the usual cramps or a belly ache you can apply the CBD oil on the Pechoti gland and enjoy its healing.

To many who may be looking forward to getting high with its application, you may have your hopes cut short as this is not the intention of the Pechoti method. Absorbing CBD through the belly button by Pechoti method helps us to lead a better life through improving our health.


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