How much do you know about CBD ?

What is CBD?


How much do you know about CBD ?

In this article I will explain some key things about CBD.


CBD or cannabidiol is one of many naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis plant.

CBD can be found in abundance in hemp plant or one of the legal hemp strains cannabis L.sativa.

On other hand the abundance of  THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, can be found in Marijuana plant.

However in both of these types of  plants has many other different types of cannabinoids.

Chemical structure of CBD Chemical structure of THC are very similar.

When people talk about cbd and it’s products that means the extract has come from hemp plant and it is legal in most european countries and America.

For example, some countries like China, cbd is illegal but growing hemp is legal.

To qualify for sales in Europe Union countries, hemp to be used to extract CBD, must be grown from EU qualified hemp strain.

By EU law CBD infused products such as cbd oils, edibles, drinks, e liquids cannot contain more than 0.2 % of THC.

To make sure that maximum THC  is less than 0.2% , the products must be tested in lab.

What is difference between CBD full spectrum vs broad spectrum vs isolate extracts

Full spectrum extracts

All cannabinoids has been extracted from hemp including thc but less than 0.2%

Broad spectrum extracts

STEP 1 All cannabinoids has been extracted from hemp.

STEP 2 THC has been distilled out of extract leaving all other cannabiniods.

CBD isolate

STEP 1 All cannabinoids has been extracted from hemp.

STEP 2 CBD has been distilled from rest of extract

STEP 3 CBD isolate has been crystalized

Many studies have shown that full spectrum extracts are most beneficial for health as all cannabiniods working together and creating entourage effect

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds what gives hemp and marijuana distinct smell.

Some companies remove terpenes from their products because they believe some people doesn't like the smell of cannabis.

Here in Ancient Chemistry we believe that the best product we can place in the market must be full spectrum CBD  extract with all natural terpenes.

What is the best way to consume CBD?

Tinctures and oils

This is the easiest way to take CBD. It is easy to dose and easy to consume. If you do not want extra calories from edibles than tinctures is way to go.

How to use?

Fill pipette with cbd drops, place it under the tongue, hold for 30 to 60 seconds, swallow. You can use it couple times a day or as needed. And depends on the strength.

Our CBD oils comes in 500 and 1000 mg or 5% and 10%.

This way of taking cbd is called sublingually and it absorbs cbd rapidly into your body.



Vaping is know as most rapidly and efficient  way to enter the bloodstream. By vaping, cbd directly enters the bloodstream and giving the vaper rapid absorption  rather than waiting for pill or edible to start working.


By eating edibles is know by far most accurate way to consume cbd.

Pre filled capsules can be dosed precisely at stated dose and it is easy to consume.

Check out how you can make your own cbd gummies cheaply and accurately at home here.  

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