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Full Spectrum Hemp extract oil 75% CBD

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 What is Full Spectrum CBD  oil?

First of all you may understand the term “full-spectrum”. When talking about cannabis, our full- spectrum oil means that the oil extracted contains all components from the original cannabis plant.

As a result, full-spectrum distillate oil taste and smell exactly like its original plant. It is also more efficient and last longer than isolate CBD products. Indeed, whereas CBD isolate, as the name says, is pure isolated CBD, full-spectrum oil is in the other hand contains all the other active plant compounds of the plant.

It is well known that most of the medicinal effects of the cannabis actually come from the CBD. So for what should you care about the others compounds ? Well CBD is actually more effective when you use it along with other compounds of the cannabis plant, than when you use it alone. it was used by itself.

CBD is a great solution for stress, pain release, sleeping issues. The full-spectrum oil will give you the greatest solution to your problem !

2- How to use it ?

There are different ways to consume full-spectrum CBD oil. The most efficient way is to directly put the oil under your tongue. We advise to keep it in your mouth (don’t swallow it) for a quicker effect.

Of course, you can use it with food: simply mix a dose of oil into your dishes. You can also easily add it to your drinks.

3- Dosage & Tips

Recommended dosage:

Every person is different and it is hard to give you a precise right dosage, but we advise you to start with a small quantity. Your body will then build a tolerance to it and you will so to have to increase your dosage.


Store away from sunlight, heat, humidity and refrigerate

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